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DuerOS Assistant
Knowing what you said and what you’re about to say. Connecting all in-vehicle scenarios and services through voice, visualization, and multi-mode interactions.
Increasingly understanding you by constantly learning your favorites.
Baidu Map
Knowing what you want and think about, the smartest in-vehicle map
In-vehicle Intelligent Mini APPs
In-vehicle intelligent mini APPs, meets users’ diversified mobility demand including multiple categorized mini APPs and massive resources of Baidu mini APPS.
Cloud-based real-time distribution, immediately effective and OTA-free.
Actively sending recommendations of in-vehicle mini APPs that match current scenarios to users in the right place at the right time and initiating more scenarios
Free Listening, Free Watching, Free Singing
Providing the most comprehensive in-vehicle entertainment resources including massive music and video resources, giving you everything that you want
In-vehicle Visualization
Endowing cars with eyes to understand you
care you, and serve you
AI Intelligent Scenario Recommendation
To be the “prophet” of your intention that knows everything you want