Step1:Apollo Publish Interface and requirements
•	Compatible Vehicles
•	Interface Documentsi
•	Certification services
•	Apollo Open Source Code

Step2:Partners Initiate Process
•	Check the interface requirements
•	Test vehicles interface
•	Provide the Requirementsii

Step3:Apollo Process Requirements
•	Technical Check
•	BD Process

Step4:Apollo and Partner Real Vehicle Test
•	Verify Interface data  (Open Loop)
•	Develop Vehicle Communication Protocol Code for New Vehicleiii、Automatic GPS Waypoint Following Testiv(Close Loop)

Step5:Process Complete
•	Legal Check
•	Add Vehicle Communication Protocol  code to Github
•	Add the Vehicle to the  Compatible List
•	Complete the process

i.	Interface documentation:drive-by-wire requirement for passenger cardrive-by-wire requirement for micro-car.
ii.	Certification requiements:interface data of drive-by-wire system 、drive-by-wire system specification、drive-by-wire requirement feedback、DBC file (DBC file requirement).
iii.	Add vehicle communication protocol code for new vehicle :
   •	Documentation:How to add a new vehicle
   •	Demo:refer to the samples in the folder
   •	Tool:use tool to generate the new vehicle code based on the dbc file. Refer to the document for details.
iv.	Automatic GPS Waypoint Following Test:
   •	Documentation:
       •	Apollo 1.0 Hardware and System Installation GuideApollo 1.0 Quick Start Guide How to Update Vehicle Calibration for Throttle and Brakes
   •	Refer to the documents above to install Apollo 1.0 for automatic GPS waypoint following test. After that, Apollo team will make a on-site verification.