Apollo V2X, comprehensively construct an intelligent transportation systemfor human-vehicle
road data sensing and intelligent processing analysis,escort traffic safety and efficiency

V2X provides holistic awareness of urban traffic

  • Object-level recognition

    Perceive understanding of all traffic participants, the sensing accuracy reaches sub-meter level,
    and the roadside sensing information provided can be used for decision-making with high-level autonomous driving

  • Over-the-horizon perception

    Roadside unit collects global road network images, broadcasts full vehicle position,
    speed and other information, effectively expanding vehicle line of sight and avoiding perceived blind spots

  • Millisecond calculation

    Provides full, continuous, multimodal low latency data service for L4 autopilot vehicles tested in multiple scenarios

  • Global-level control

    Through the city-level full-time dynamic traffic information collection and cloud integration,
    to achieve global optimal collaborative control capabilities for traffic participants and traffic management

Self-developed roadside computing unit RSCU

Combined sensor with edge computing unit,

auxiliary calculation and data processing
to achieve full coordination with the cloud

Military-grade power supply, stable and reliable power supply

Intelligent monitoring, anti-theft, anti-data theft and hacking

Intelligent monitoring, anti-theft, anti-data theft and hacking

High computing power, single precision 2*8.1TFLOPS

Support data volume calculation for two-way 8-lane intersections

Service Objects

  • Mobile map and car system

  • Intelligent network assisted vehicle

  • High-level autonomous vehicles

  • Urban intelligent traffic management

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